World Economic Forum 2015

Client: World Economic Forum 2015

Project: This year’s World Economic Forum „Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2015“ took place in Dalian, China. Three geodesic domes – the Cave Dome, the Virtual Reality Dome und the Health Dome were instal...

Client: "Youth in Science 2015"

Project: This year in Ludwigshafen there was a double anniversary: ​​First BASF celebrated its 150th anniversary of the company and, second, the Federal Competition "Youth in Science" was held f...
World Press Photo

Client: World Press Photo

Project: Photos that startle. Images that show us the world as it really is. Often merciless, sometimes shocking, always inspiring: For more than half a century, the World Press photo competitions provide for ...

Client: Team WIND VESTAS

Project: The Vestas Wind team, which we were allowed to accompany with our ZENDOME.300M on the nine-month Volvo Ocean Race around the world, successfully completed the last stretch after spectacularly running ...
Silent Dome

Client: Silent Dome

Project: The Kieler Woche 2015 hosted the first ever "silent disco" to be held in a ZENDOME.150M. The impressive geodesic dome was built in the Kiel Castle garden, not far from the fjord, offered more than jus...

Client: Dreamtime-Dome

Project: Inside the "Traumzeit-Dome" (ZENDOME.500M) the largest "Immersive Media Screen" (IMS) in the world started its service to show the "Beautiful Europe" 360°Show.Where? Of course, at Europa-Park Rust, on...

Client: Audi

Project: In the two months of November and December of 2014, Audi brought a piece of real Christmas magic to German cities. The "Audi Quattro lounge", which was located in several ZENDOME, presented different ...

Client: VESTAS

Project: With the world-famous "Volvo Ocean Race", which began on October 4, 2014 and will run around the globe, the geodesic dome from Berlin is the companion of the TEAM VESTAS WIND. Together with the Swedis...
World Economic Forum

Client: World Economic Forum

Project: The World Economic Forum "Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014" was held in Tianjin/China in September 2014. High on the agenda of the WEF were environmental concerns, and the position the private...
HPI School of Design Thinking

Client: HPI School of Design Thinking

Project: At DMY, the International Design Festival in Berlin, the exhibition BASED IN BRANDENBURG was presented. For 11 years, the DMY International Design Festival presents contemporary design and architectur...
Jeffrey Shaw

Client: Jeffrey Shaw

Project: A geodesic dome for the Arts - the best way to describe the pavilion of the famous artist Jeffrey Shaw. In his "Future Lab", consisting of ZENDOME.5000CH-h based on the ZENDOME.20HE, the native Austra...
 The Frankfurt Children's Association

Client: The Frankfurt Children's Association

Project: Parallel to the famous Frankfurt Festival of Lights, the "Luminale", the Frankfurt Children's Association lands a breathtaking spaceship on the Frankfurts most beautiful place "Römer". Of course, it's...
Hasso Plattner Institute

Client: Hasso Plattner Institute

Project: With the SAP Executive Summit 2014 in Potsdam participants could experience the Design Thinking concept by Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI).ZENDOME as "Workspace of the Future" provided the op...
TATA Group

Client: TATA Group

Project: TATA Group - the largest company of India headquartered in Mumbai - successfully presented itself at the World Economic Forum 2013 in a geodesic space. The overall concept at the annual meeting in Dav...
Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Client: Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Project: In June 2013, the futuristic EFFEKTE Dome was the central point of interest at the science festival with the same name in Karlsruhe.An information pavilion during the day, theatre, lecture hall a...
Cookies for all

Client: Cookies for all

Project: In July 2013 musician and environmental entrepreneur Pharrell Williams was inviting into the ZENDOME.150M.As the host of Parley, during the international fashion show PREMIUM in Berlin, he got togethe...

Client: igs

Project: Every single one of the 2.5 million visitors of the eighth international garden and landscaping show igs 2013 will find all important information inside the ZENDOME.75M.The geodesic dome will be the c...
Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Client: Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Project: The ZENDOME.75M was the center of the theatre festival Premieres - the most important event in Europe where young directors present themselves. In June 2013 it was held for the first time at the ...

Client: Mondi

Project: Team building with the ZENDOME.150M: The geodesic dome played an important role in the internal communication for the management forum of the business unit Mondi Consumer Packaging during May 2013.The...
De Dietrich Remeha GmbH

Client: De Dietrich Remeha GmbH

Project: ZENDOME.evolution at the ISH 2013 in Frankfurt: The Rehema brand stands for innovative, efficient and pioneering products – and their fair stall provided the corresponding effect.mac, responsible...
Qatar Museums Authority

Client: Qatar Museums Authority

Project: The ZENDOME.30M and the Immersive Media Screen take visitors onto a significant time travel through art history at the Al-Riwaq Hall in Qatar.As one of the highlights of the exhibition 'The Art of Tra...
Lech Zuers Tourismus GmbH

Client: Lech Zuers Tourismus GmbH

Project: In December 2012, the ZENDOME.150M supported the first Snow & Safety Conference in Lech Zürs in Austria. Properly heated and with its geodesic form perfectly adapted to the wintery style, the geod...
Lech Zuers Tourismus GmbH

Client: Lech Zuers Tourismus GmbH

Project: Thanks to the iglooesque support of the ZENDOME.75M, a comprehensive work of multi media art illuminated the mountains at the alpine animation short film festival 'cineastic gondolas' in Lech Zür...
TARUK International

Client: TARUK International

Project: TARUK International, specialized tour operator for Africa, Asia and Latin America used the ZENDOME.45M as an impressive location for several tourism trade fairs during the 2012/2013 season.At the Trav...
Sparkasse Dachau

Client: Sparkasse Dachau

Project: Even with cold outside temperatures the right address for an experience with a very special flair: the ZENDOME.150M was quite a unique meeting point for the citizens of Dachau in December of 2012.Equi...
European Commission

Client: European Commission

Project: Those responsible at the European Commission fully rely on the ZENDOME.300M: The spectacular exhibition European Space Expo will be travelling through the largest European cities for a total of two ye...
Bakcell Aserbaijan

Client: Bakcell Aserbaijan

Project: At the centre of the event the ZENDOME.150M served as a breathtaking “Hall of Stars” for the leading mobile communication and internet provider Bakcell in Azerbaijan. During the week of th...

Client: ThyssenKrupp

Project: The 'IdeenPark', initiated and organized by the technology corporation ThyssenKrupp is designed to excite people for technology. From the 10th to 23rd of August, the trade fair ground in Essen was tra...
Radio Austria 1

Client: Radio Austria 1

Project: The ZENDOME.75M as “Mobile Ö1 Atelier” for the radio station Austria 1 was the central meeting point for science, research, art and technology at the ars electronica 2012 for the four...
 JTI - Austria Tabak GmbH

Client: JTI - Austria Tabak GmbH

Project: On the road for JTI - Austria Tabak GmbH, the ZENDOME.75M was one of the highlights at the three biggest Rock and Pop Festivals in Austria. During the summer of 2012 the geodesic dome presented itself...
Sartorius AG

Client: Sartorius AG

Project: "Experience Innovation“ - is the motto with which the Sartorius Corporation presented its newest products, technologies and solutions within a stately ZENDOME.domescape. The ZENDOME.500, the ZENDOME.1...

Client: Sky-Skan

Project: A great success for the premier of the ZENDOME.immersive media screen (IMS) in July of 2012 in the USThe “Sky-Skan Dome” provided the scientists attending the International Planetarium Society (IPS) i...
ZDF Soccer Beach

Client: ZDF Soccer Beach

Project: Three geodesic domes and a resulting total of 270 sqm 'Space for Ideas' supported the live transmission of the UEFA EURO 2012 at the ZDF Soccer Beach in June 2012.On the Baltic Island of Usedom, the e...

Client: Vita4One

Project: The ZENDOME.150M had a grand presentation as the most distinguished pit stop, of the ADAC Zürich 24h-race, for the Vita4One Racing Team of Michael Bartels. The geodesic dome made the 40th 24h-race in ...
DST Experience Communication

Client: DST Experience Communication

Project: The ZENDOME.300M enchanted the international audience at the Floriade 2012 - unique event held only once in a decade - with its perfect projection surface for a breathtaking 360°-event on a unique noi...
Embassy Kingdom of the Netherlands

Client: Embassy Kingdom of the Netherlands

Project: Angela Merkel – the new species of tulips carrying this name was at the centre of the ZENDOME.150M, not only figuratively speaking.After the chancellor had christened the tulip named after herself, th...

Client: Mexico

Project: At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum 2012 in Davos, Mexico presented itself to the world inside three geodesic domes by ZENDOME.
The responsible agency Company Baumgartner transform...
1. Swiss Skiing and Snowboard School

Client: 1. Swiss Skiing and Snowboard School

Project: The former World Ski Champion Martin Hangl placed the ZENDOME. 45M into his children's "skiing country" in Samnaun using it as a "magic room" during the winter season 2011/12. The geodesic dome...
Planet Technology (Asia) Limited

Client: Planet Technology (Asia) Limited

Project: The Chinese company Planet Technology (Asia) Limited relied on the genuine quality space of ZENDOME while attending the imm cologne in January 2012. They transformed the 45 square meters of the `space...
Recticel Schlafkomfort GmbH - Schlaraffia

Client: Recticel Schlafkomfort GmbH - Schlaraffia

Project: Recticel Schlafkomfort GmbH - Schlaraffia used the ZENDOME.75M for their product introduction at the central global business platform for furniture in January of 2012. The geodesic dome completed...
Trade Fair Partnership

Client: Trade Fair Partnership

Project: Domeconcept/ Spielmacher presented pure ZENDOME quality in January of 2012 on the leading trade fair for the event market, the "Best of Events".Managing director Thomas Eschenlauer raves abo...
Nord Stream AG

Client: Nord Stream AG

Project: The 70x100m ZENDOME.domescape formed like a gas molecule welcomed numerous heads of state and governments at the beginning of November 2011. At the centre of the molecule was the ZENDOME.500M surround...
Stadtwerke Rostock AG

Client: Stadtwerke Rostock AG

Project: The ZENDOME.75M was illuminated as a central point of the 10th Rostock Light Week commissioned by the Rostock Stadtwerke AG.The company presented itself in the Hanseatic City for an entire week during...
H N Kultur- u. Projektmanagement GbR

Client: H N Kultur- u. Projektmanagement GbR

Project: Following the motto 'smart materials – new design' the ZENDOME.150M was a highlight of the international forum Designer's Open on the grounds of the cotton spinning mill in Leipzig, in October of 2011...
Tomas Saraceno

Client: Tomas Saraceno

Project: ZENDOME.evolution is the protagonist in Berlin's Museum für Gegenwart (Museum for Contemporary Art) staged by the argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno: As a special construction 75 square meters of ZENDO...

Client: BASF SE

Project: Innovative space for trendsetting scientific results: BASF SE presents itself in a ZENDOME.45M at the permanent representation of Rhineland-Palatinate in Berlin. On the occasion of Rhineland-Palatinat...
Radio Oesterreich 1

Client: Radio Oesterreich 1

Project: On behalf of Radio Österreich 1 the ZENDOME.75M was on a mission at the most important festival for digital arts, the ars electronica in Linz. At the beginning of september 2011 international scientis...
ABO Bornschlegl und Berleb OHG

Client: ABO Bornschlegl und Berleb OHG

Project: The ZENDOME.45M had its shining appearance in September 2011 at Europe’s leading trade fair on cleaning ‘Cleaning. Management. Services’ (CMS). The geodesic dome draw maximum attention from the 15.000...
Abu Dhabi

Client: Abu Dhabi

Project: The form and quality of the geodesic structures located directly next to the impressive Sheikh-Zayed-Mosque convinced the officials in Abu Dhabi.In february 2011 the ZENDOME.domescape made up of three...
Wicked Tents and partners

Client: Wicked Tents and partners

Project: The ZENDOME partner Wicked Tents, who is successfully distributing the high quality geodesic structures in the United Arab Emirates, is presenting itself at the Middle East Event Show 2011.The ZENDOME...

Client: Wuerth

Project: The world's market leader for assembly and connecting materials Würth held its 2011 spring conference at the site of the French branch in Erstein. The internal company conference was organised by the ...
Deutsche Bahn AG

Client: Deutsche Bahn AG

Project: For seven weeks the ZENDOME.30M travelled through Germany with the FIFA roadshow ending up in Berlin for the Kick Off game of the FIFA Women´s World Cup 2011™.Started off by the president ...
Diversity in Times of Change - Evolution

Client: Diversity in Times of Change - Evolution

Project: An exciting time travel through the evolutionary history of plants leads the way into the ZENDOME.30M for the visitors of the Federal Horticultural Show in Koblenz. This is part of the theme gardens '...
Garden of Eden Rhineland-Palatinate

Client: Garden of Eden Rhineland-Palatinate

Project: The ZENDOME.30M is at the centre of the unique project 'Garden of Eden Rhineland-Palatinate', which is being presented at the Federal Horticultural Show Koblenz 2011.It shows the results of a 14 year ...
Project Middle Rhine Cherry

Client: Project Middle Rhine Cherry

Project: At the core of the exhibition “Experience Diversity – Cherry Sort Project” in the ZENDOME.30M, visitors of the National Garden Show Koblenz 2011 can gather information about the cult...
Networked Diversity - Busy as a Bee

Client: Networked Diversity - Busy as a Bee

Project: The ZENDOME.30M is located at the centre of the theme gardens “Networked diversity – busy as a bee” at the National Garden Fair Koblenz 2011. The honey bee is a very important connecting link in the d...
Renewable Resources

Client: Renewable Resources

Project: ZENDOME is providing the BUGA 2011 with a 30 sqm geodesic dome as sponsor and is thus providing its share to the exciting theme garden, informing the public about the priceless value of renewable reso...
Preserve Diversity - EU Initiatives

Client: Preserve Diversity - EU Initiatives

Project: The smallest dome from the modular product series can be found at the centre of six of the eight theme gardens at the National Garden Show in Koblenz 2011. The ZENDOME.30M functions as information pav...
Home and Garden Fair Habitat et Jardin

Client: Home and Garden Fair Habitat et Jardin

Project: About 100.000 visitors of this year´s living and garden fair “Habitat & Jardin” in Lausanne could enjoy the impressive ZENDOME.domescape. The Swiss company Constructions Tubulaires Tech S.A. used ...
Constructions Tubulaires Tech S.A.

Client: Constructions Tubulaires Tech S.A.

Project: The new ZENDOME rental partner Constructiones Tubulaires Tech S.A. began its entry into the universe of exclusive geodesic event architecture with a spectacular presentation against the backdrop of br...
Volkswagen AG

Client: Volkswagen AG

Project: Four ZENDOME were in use for the perfectly staged presentation of Volkswagen AG in October and November 2010. Two units of ZENDOME.75M (75sqm) and two of the ZENDOME.150M (150sqm) created the appropri...
Trade Fair Partnership

Client: Trade Fair Partnership

Project: The partner stall initiated by Domeconcept was successfully presented during the Best of Events in January 2011. 435 international exhibitors - among them the geodesic dome from Berlin - faced the cri...
Eurasia Design

Client: Eurasia Design

Project: The stall of Eurasia Design Industrial Limited featuring the ZENDOME.45M was called the "nicest and most exciting stall of the IMM Cologne" by many of the professional visitors of the international tr...
BMW KidsDome

Client: BMW KidsDome

Project: The ZENDOME is currently being used in a new way as space for play and experience. The special size geodesic dome of about 10 square meters base size and a height of 2,20m of the ZENDOME.evolution lin...
Sky-Skan Europe GmbH

Client: Sky-Skan Europe GmbH

Project: Featuring uncomplicated handling and extreme mobility through easy construction and deconstruction, the ZENDOME.immersive media screen has moved on to Istanbul after the huge success of the exciting e...

Client: DomeDeluxe

Project: From July to September, 150 square meters of geodesic space by the Berlin ZENDOME rental company DomeDeluxe will enrich the event grounds of the 'Strandgut bar' in the middle of the capital.With a vie...
TheKeyTo - Eco Fashion - Green Lifestyle

Client: TheKeyTo - Eco Fashion - Green Lifestyle

Project: As partner of TheKeyTo, the unique German trade fair for Green Fashion, Culture and Lifestyle, ZENDOME supported the pioneering green movement in July of 2010. It represents the combination of lifesty...
Barasti Bar

Client: Barasti Bar

Project: To experience the World Cup in a very special location: that is what the ZENDOME.1000 by Wicked Tents is providing for the famous Barasti Bar in Dubai.Only in South Africa itself can the World Cup Gam...
Dubai Festival City

Client: Dubai Festival City

Project: The Dubai Festival City provides a geodesic dome landscape during the World Cup 2010 in order to give the fans space for their euphoria. Built onto two 3 meter high terraces, the ZENDOME.domescape i...
Clean Tech World

Client: Clean Tech World

Project: The ZENDOME.20 Home Edition was an active partner of the ‚Clean Tech World’, the trade fair for “Green Economy” when the former airport grounds in Berlin-Tempelhof were opened ...
Peppermint Event GmbH

Client: Peppermint Event GmbH

Project: The Full-Service-Agency Peppermint GmbH used the ZENDOME.300M and the ZENDOME.75M for the first time at the Hannover Messe, one of the largest and most important industrial fairs in the world. The a...

Client: Reisepavillon

Project: „Tourism needs nature. Nature needs tourism" - this was the core message of the successful 20th anniversary event of the "Travelling Pavilion". As press lounge the ZENDOME.30M e...
Wicked Tents

Client: Wicked Tents

Project: A major international fashion brand chose Wicked Tents LLC and ZENDOME to create the perfect launch for their skin-care product in Dubai, UAE on the evening of the 2nd March 2010. The Falcon lawn at t...
Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH

Client: Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH

Project: In March of 2010, the ZENDOME.150M became part of the 10th Paralympic Games in Vancouver as the Snow-Dome. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) created the interactive experience exhibition “S...

Client: ecopod

Project: The first fully removable Boutique Hotel in the world can be found in the Scottish Highlands in Portnacroish on the shore of Loch Linhe. The heart piece is the ZENDOME.75TL from which the owners and i...
Radio Austria 1

Client: Radio Austria 1

Project: The ZENDOME.75M functioned as a centre for public discussion as 'Mobile Ö1 Atelier' for Radio Austria 1. Ö1 covered the 30th anniversary of the Ars Electronica in Linz in September of 2009 and pr...

Client: BMW AG

Project: Accompanied by the ZENDOME.30M, the motto was “Fun X-treme” at BMW Germany in Munich.In November of 2009, the Icetower Challenge in front of the BMW World featured a climbing contest and i...
Wicked Tents

Client: Wicked Tents

Project: ZENDOME.partner Wicked Tents is raising the bar: in November of 2009 as part of the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix the largest mobile geodesic dome in the world was constructed.With 1000 square meters...

Client: Ferrari

Project: Ferrari, most successful racing team in the history of formula 1 chose the ZENDOME.domescape for its presentation at the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.  Unmissable and located directly at the Corniche,...
Corporate Event

Client: Corporate Event

Project: Orgatent celebrated a whooping premier with their rental of the ZENDOME. An entire dome city was put up by the Swiss with the 'Space for Ideas'.A total of seven geodesic domes by ZENDOME provi...
Art and Culture

Client: Art and Culture

Project: The agency intolight presented the ZENDOME.75M as an immersive space at the Ostrale 09, the international exhibition for contemporary art in Dresden.The experience designers used the geodesic dome in ...
Sky Skan Europe GmbH

Client: Sky Skan Europe GmbH

Project: The newest ZENDOME product, the immersive media screen, had a great premier in October 2009 at the Grand Palais in Paris as part of the exhibition “Byzantium to Istanbul, one port for two contin...
World of Exhibitions 2009

Client: World of Exhibitions 2009

Project: As partner of the new Berlin Trade Fair 'World of Exhibitions', ZENDOME provided the smallest of its geodesic domes so the reporting journalists could work in an exclusive atmosphere. In September of ...
Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN)

Client: Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN)

Project: The ZENDOME.75M toured through Central and Eastern Europe from April to July of 2009 for the Nokia Siemens Networks Fixed Net Raodshow.The Geodesic Dome was part of a 300m² large event world which the...
MAN Utility Vehicle Group

Client: MAN Utility Vehicle Group

Project: Internal communication in a class of its own: the MAN utility vehicle group invited employees and their families to celebrate the 250th company anniversary together. The Munich based Marketing & P...
Design and Culture

Client: Design and Culture

Project: June 2009 saw the ZENDOME.showdome became a virtual playground for the visitors of the international festival 'Designsmai Youngsters' in Berlin. Inside the cupola neongrau feat. Intolight from Dresden...
zoom² communications berlin

Client: zoom² communications berlin

Project: 'Man, where are you?!' (1. Mose3,9) was the motto for the 32nd German Evengelical Church Day  May 2009 in Bremen. For the festival of belief ONE answer certainly was: in the ZENDOME.75M.Dresden a...

Client: Maserati

Project: Maserati organised an exciting driver training course in St Moritz from the 19th to the 27th. The participants were welcomed in the geodesic lounge in front of the luxurious Kempinski Grand Hôtel des ...


Project: The “Royal Class” - ZENDOME.75M as a Caviar Lounge at this years´ Cartier Polo World Cup on Snow. The geodesic dome enthralled the invited guests of the St Moritz Polo Club from Janu...
Gaskit Autogassysteme GmbH

Client: Gaskit Autogassysteme GmbH

Project: “Driving is fun with Autogas...” was the motto at the Automechanika 2008, the internationally leading trade fair for the Automobile industry in Frankfurt/ Main.The Gaskit Autogassysteme Gm...
imm cologne

Client: imm cologne

Project: Innovative international high class design is presented during the “PASSAGEN 2009”, which take place at the same time as the imm Cologne. In January, the ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition attracted ...
Swiss Tourism

Client: Swiss Tourism

Project: At the 7th cross country skiing World Cup in December of 2008 in Düsselfdorf, about 200.000 spectators enjoyed the mixture of professional athletics, show and snow. The ZENDOME.150M provided lavish ...
Volkswagen AG Schweiz

Client: Volkswagen AG Schweiz

Project: The Volkswagen Corporation Switzerland was certain: the new Scirocco deserved a very special appearance at the Auto Zurich Car Show 2008. The Corporation used the ZENDOME:150M at the largest differing...
Tyco Waterworks

Client: Tyco Waterworks

Project: “A vital part of our world” - under this motto Tyco Waterworks, world wide leading manufacturer of mountings and drives, presented its new products in Munich at the beginning of May 2008. ...
Sovac - General Importer Audi

Client: Sovac - General Importer Audi

Project: The ZENDOME.75M had a spectacular appearance right on the Mediterranean Coast of Algeria in July and August of 2008. The geodesic dome was used as part of an exclusive product presentation for Audi a...
Grand Concert GmbH

Client: Grand Concert GmbH

Project: Three ZENDOMEs where made available for this years´ Berlin Symposium. As space within a space they gave a futuristic feeling to the Hangar 2 event halls at the historical airport Berlin Tempelhof. Fea...
Sony Pictures

Client: Sony Pictures

Project: So far largest German film premier by Sony Pictures was celebrated on the 3rd of November 2008 in Berlin with the glamorous release of the 22nd James Bond film. At the entrance next to the red carpet ...
Adam Opel GmbH

Client: Adam Opel GmbH

Project: Supported by the ZENDOME.domescape, Adam Opel GmbH presented the new Insignia within an exclusive atmosphere in September 2008. The famous brand had invited to a driving presentation at the luxur...
Holz Car Wash Technology GmbH

Client: Holz Car Wash Technology GmbH

Project: The ZENDOME.75M was successfully incorporated by the Spielmacher Event GmbH in September 2008 during the Automechanika, the international trend fair for the Automobile industry on the fair grounds in ...

Client: Kelag

Project: The ZENDOME.75M was on the road for the Kelag GmbH, one of Austria's leading Energy suppliers, in October of 2008. In four regional capitals, the geodesic dome provided publicity for a well visited sp...

Client: BMW AG

Project: 'Let´s Mini 2008`- was the motto for the German Mini Community when they celebrated their second official festival on the airfield in Hildesheim in July. The ZENDOME.150M was the special att...
Moviemiento e.V.

Client: Moviemiento e.V.

Project: The ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition played a major role at the mobile Film and Environmental Festival 'Moving Baltic Sea' which sailed into the ports of six coastal towns between Rostock and St. Peter...
Bauknecht GmbH

Client: Bauknecht GmbH

Project: In order to present their project 'Greenkitchen', the Bauknecht Home AppliancesGmbH successfully incorporated the ZENDOME.75M in July of 2008: This modelwhich is unique in the world, integrates modern...
Thorn Lighting (Zumtobel Group)

Client: Thorn Lighting (Zumtobel Group)

Project: June 2008 saw the kick-off in Glasgow for the international roadshow that will feature the ZENDOME.75M travelling through a total of 15 European countries until the end May 2009 for Thorn Lighting whi...
German Hygiene Museum Dresden

Client: German Hygiene Museum Dresden

Project: Featured as an exceptional exhibition space the ZENDOME.20 Home Edition will put visitors in awe at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden. Under the title '2° Weather, man and his climate' the special ...
Lucky Strike Lounge

Client: Lucky Strike Lounge

Project: For three summers, from 2006 to 2008, the ZENDOME went on a Road Show for Lucky Strike presenting itself for many months at the largest festivals in Germany. Amongst others the Lucky Strike Lounge wa...
Roeder UK for the Royal Horticultural Society

Client: Roeder UK for the Royal Horticultural Society

Project: The ZENDOME.150M of the rental partner Röder Tent Systems appeared as 'The Climate Change Dome' at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London.From the 8th to the 13th of July, the nearly 45.000 da...
Tomas Saraceno

Client: Tomas Saraceno

Project: The exhibition ‘Psycho Buildings. Artists Take on Architecture’ in the summer of 2008, marks the 40th birthday of the Hayward Gallery. Opened by the Queen in 1968, it today belongs to one ...
Blasto for Basel Marketing

Client: Blasto for Basel Marketing

Project: With its appearance in Basel during the UEFA European Football Cup, the ZENDOME.75M from the ZENDOME Rental Pool will be successfully employed as a ‘Space for Ideas’ for the City Marketing from the be...
World Trade Center Koeln

Client: World Trade Center Koeln

Project: In May 2008 the ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition was successfully illuminated at the Hilton Cologne. Serving as geodesic cinema cupola for the World Trade Centre Cologne is enchanted all guests of the ‘Russi...
Berlin Design Dome

Client: Berlin Design Dome

Project: Successful premier: The ‘Berlin Design Dome’ had a very impressive appearance at the 47th ‘Salone Del Mobile Milano’ in Milan from the 16th to 21st of April 2008. For the first time the ZENDOME.150M i...
Kugelblitz GmbH/ GabiDom

Client: Kugelblitz GmbH/ GabiDom

Project: The ZENDOME.150M was successfully mobilized in April 2008 for Cisco Systems, the largest network provider worldwide. The company once again set the course with its Cisco Expo 08 – one of the most impo...
Blasto for Sixsides

Client: Blasto for Sixsides

Project: At the 78th International Automobile Salon in Geneva Think introduced the TH!NK City from Norway which is the first car worldwide that runs on 100% battery power and is also recyclable to 95%. In orde...
Expo Biro

Client: Expo Biro

Project: Grand Premier in the Croatian capital: EXPO BIRO and HEINEKEN CROATIA presented the Ice Bar in Zagreb. The ZENDOME.150M and 20 tons of ice created the perfect atmosphere for the product launch of the ...

Client: Ltur

Project: The L´TUR Ice Arena brought the wished for winter to Baden-Baden from the end of November to the beginning of January. The project partnership between city and organiser made it possible: family frien...
Vok Dams Group

Client: Vok Dams Group

Project: In 2007, the VOK DAMS GROUP, which is one of the leading live-marketing agencies in Germany, invited their guests into a ZENDOME.150M.The event professionals didn´t choose the futuristic 'Space for Id...
Adidas AG

Client: Adidas AG

Project: Adidas wanted to present its employees with an extraordinary experience and offered them ice for their Christmas party. In December of 2007, the ZENDOME.150M provided a stylish location for sporty fun...
Business convention for football

Client: Business convention for football

Project: The special edition ZENDOME.30M was a huge success at the worlds largest football trade fair Soccerex in South Africa in November. Perfectly branded, the ZENDOME.soccerex became the international me...
Bieri Blachen AG

Client: Bieri Blachen AG

Project: With the suisse transport, the trade fair for transport, vehicles, equipment and maintenance, Bern as a exhibition town transformed into a platform for new mobility.  The Swiss ZENDOME distribu...
Tenta AG

Client: Tenta AG

Project: The Tenta Corporation celebrated 130 years of successful company history in November 2007. For this anniversary, clients, suppliers, politicians and press were invited and reception was held&nb...
Advertising-Studio Hohmann

Client: Advertising-Studio Hohmann

Project: The most innovative developments of the entertainment technology where presented in Berlin at the “Internationale Funkausstellung” (IFA) from 29th of August to 3rd of September. Exactly the right ev...
Spielmacher Event GmbH

Client: Spielmacher Event GmbH

Project: The Spielmacher Event company used the ZENDOME as an attraction at the 62nd international Automobile Trade Fare (IAA) this year. Since 2003 the Agency has developed the event area for Volkswagen at th...
Magistrate Klagenfurt

Client: Magistrate Klagenfurt

Project: Austria is already counting the days to the kick off of the European Football Cup 2008. Until that happens the town of Klagenfurt will be playing ball with the ZENDOME.30 and its membrane printed as a...
Kiebitzberg Shipyard

Client: Kiebitzberg Shipyard

Project: In cooperation with Kiebitzberg® Schiffswerft GmbH&Co. KG the ZENDOME team has found a perfect symbiosis of floats and the ZENDOME.20. The ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition caused quite a commotion with it...
H42 Strategien fuer Sport und Kultur

Client: H42 Strategien fuer Sport und Kultur

Project: The Berlin Agency H42 Strategies for Sport and Culture is sending three ZENDOMEs on a Roadshow all through Germany for the campaign 'KPMG Live 2007'.The ZENDOME.20 designed as 'KPMG Lounge' located at...


Project: Once again in 2007 the media trade got together in Berlin. And because it was such a success, ZENDOME again presented 20m² of extraordinary geodesic dome space this year in order to celebrate the Medi...
Peppermint Event GmbH

Client: Peppermint Event GmbH

Project: 360m² of ZENDOME.domescape are responsible for a sparkling view of the Maschsee in Hannover.The ZENDOME.300M is this year’s main attraction and represents something totally new at the Maschsee Festiva...
Kugelblitz GmbH/ GabiDom

Client: Kugelblitz GmbH/ GabiDom

Project: The ZENDOME.150M announced the Triathlon World Championship 2007 straight from the ‘Jungfernstieg’ at the Binnenalster: Upsolut Event positioned the ZENDOME in the middle of Hamburg on a floating pont...
mil vueltas

Client: mil vueltas

Project: ZENDOME rocks: The agency mil vueltas brought the ZENDOME.150M to Spain for Coca Cola. During three international Open-Air-Festivals, dressed in the bright red and white of the Coca Cola branded membr...
Advertising-Studio Hohmann

Client: Advertising-Studio Hohmann

Project: It was to be an eye catcher and truly innovative. The fair stand of the Ermewa GmbH at the “transport logistic” and thus fully incorporating their image: the transport rental company is known to go fo...
Stargate Group GmbH

Client: Stargate Group GmbH

Project: The annual Danube Island Festival  in Vienna with its 2,6 million visitors is the largest Open Air festival in Europe. And also at the gigantic three day party in June 2007: the ZENDOME – the muc...
Burda Medien Park publishing houses

Client: Burda Medien Park publishing houses

Project: Loved by the stars: the ZENDOME.75M. For example by Barabara Schöneberger. She voiced her fascination for the “stylish ZENDOME bubble” during her presentation of the second Burda Music Night of the Bu...
GabiDom / Kugelblitz GmbH

Client: GabiDom / Kugelblitz GmbH

Project: The space for ideas as space for equal opportunities: The ZENDOME.domescape provided exclusive space for information and entertainment for the campaign ‘European Year of equal opportunities for all’ f...
Kugelblitz GmbH/ GabiDom

Client: Kugelblitz GmbH/ GabiDom

Project: April 2007 saw the ZENDOME.75M and the ZENDOME.150M joined together via a tunnel as a ZENDOME.domescape support the spectacular coming into port of the AIDAdiva in Hamburg where it stayed for five day...

Client: Seedcamp

Project: At the Seedcamp in Kauzen/ Austria the geodesic dome ZENDOME.75B of our Austrian distribution partner showed itself from a completely new side, once again proving its versatility and flexibility.Art, ...
Investment Bank Berlin

Client: Investment Bank Berlin

Project: Back to the roots. In the compounds of the Investmentbank Berlin (IBB) the young startup company ZENDOME had its first talks with the central funding institution. Not only was ZENDOME also voted top 1...
Gmuender ErsatzKasse (GEK)

Client: Gmuender ErsatzKasse (GEK)

Project: The newest road show flying under the flag: mach2 - Eat better. Move more. Initiated by the “Gmünder ErsatzKasse” (GEK) has interpreted the semicircular form of the ZENDOME in a totally new way. Wit...
medienfabrik trier

Client: medienfabrik trier

Project: „The future of money“ – was the motto presented in the ZENDOME.domescape in Luxembourg where the HSH Nordbank celebrated its 30 year anniversary in march of 2007.The Employees and mo...
Metzler und Vater

Client: Metzler und Vater

Project: Cross Europe – The Munich based agency Metzler & Vater went on a promotion and adventure tour for the new xDrive All-Wheel-Drive System by BMW with several vehicles and the ZENDOME.150M. At the be...
Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG

Client: Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG

Project: Davos – From the creative imperative to „Changing formations in Global Power Structures”. ZENDOME is participating in these changes. As basis for a harmonic atmosphere for professional conversation th...
Roeder Zeltsystem- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH

Client: Roeder Zeltsystem- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH

Project: Wiesbaden – ZENDOME aroused much interest at the WOE in January. The partner concept of Röder Tent system and Event service at this fare clearly showed the wide spectrum required by the event organize...
Roeder Zeltsystem- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH

Client: Roeder Zeltsystem- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH

Project: A successful fare and an inspiring experience: As one of many outstanding constructions at the Röder Home Show the geodesic dome by ZENDOME especially attracted intense attention and overwhelming int...
NIVEA Beiersdorf AG

Client: NIVEA Beiersdorf AG

Project: New aesthetic forms for innovative products – with its timeless elegance the Show-DOME.75 Basic was the perfect setting for a very special product presentation: Supporting the Nivea DNAge Anti-A...

Client: medianet

Project: Small but great: 20m² of ZENDOME where the source of much enchantment in the gardens of the Kronprinzpalais Unter den Linden in Berlin on 30th August 2006. The Media Institute and Medienboard Berlin B...
Muffatwerk Munich

Client: Muffatwerk Munich

Project: “The new European „I“ in the Bio political Crash Test” – under this working title the experimental assembly Crash Test Dummy examined new living and surviving strategies in cities between Mai and July...
Obst und Friends GmbH

Client: Obst und Friends GmbH

Project: Since May 15th 2006 one of our imposing geodesic dome structures has been standing directly at the main entrance to the Olympic Park at the corner of Schwere-Reiter-Strasse and Ackermannstrasse in Mun...
Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG

Client: Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG

Project: The EnBW Energy Baden Württemberg Corporation was able to create quite a stir at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2006 with its “energy igloo”. The unique space and perfect design allowed for a pr...
Kugelblitz GmbH

Client: Kugelblitz GmbH

Project: From Nov 24th 2005 to January 3rd 2006 the geodesic dome arrangement “Gabi Dom” could be seen at the Tollwood Festival on the Theresienwiesen in Munich.NEW: The domes were equipped with secure panoram...
Eine Welt Netz e.V.

Client: Eine Welt Netz e.V.

Project: As a successful contribution to the educational debate in Germany the One World Net Association introduces an extraordinary trip around the globe in the Münster Zoo. Inside the geodesic Dome75, of cou...
Sensatonics Space-Bar

Client: Sensatonics Space-Bar

Project: Magical space for magical plants: the ZENDOME 1st generation geodesic dome prototype has been proving its quality and sustainability, while providing the perfect location for the mobile space bar of B...