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ZENDOME. Designed in Berlin

With their sensually arched roofs, our structures can enclose a floor space of 20 to 1.000 and more sqm. The outstanding characteristic of the modular system is its creative potential: whether a solitary dome is presented as a distinct, eye-catching structure, or domes are combined in groups to create a ZENDOME.domescape, the ZENDOME is inspirational!

Due to the ZENDOME circular form and intrinsic lack of hierarchical geometry, its structural elements can be aligned on location to precisely frame a point of interest.

Whether presented as an individual dome or as part of a larger ZENDOME.domescape, the ZENDOME is the ideal element to transform any activity into an unforgettable event. The flexibility to utilize up to three circular entrances allows for nearly unlimited combinations. The volume of the vast cupola provides for a novel experience of space. The grand panorama window provides a fascinating viewing experience, attracting customer attention to the exact focus you choose.

The ZENDOME.30M and ZENDOME.45M offer exclusive space for your ideas. With 30 and 45sqm and the patented Advanced Frame System the geodesic Domes can also be used for information stands, pop-up stores and other occasions.

With a surface area of just 75sqm, the classic ZENDOME.75M is perfectly suited for large-scale exhibitions, product presen-tations, gastronomic activities and other events. The additional carrying capacity at the structure’s nodal points makes every technical installation a breeze. No distracting crossbars or pillars obstruct the view into the inner cupola of a ZENDOME.

Cables can be laid parallel to the framework, rendering them virtually invisible. The geometry of the ZENDOME.150M makes it the perfect addition to the product family and an elegant solution to even complicated space demands. With a surface area of 150sqm, the ZENDOME.150M is ideal as a product presentation space in which to create exciting worlds of experience. It can be easily supplemented with an entryway, cloakroom, catering area or pantry. 

And for the ultimate experience, with a cupola height of more than 10 meters the ZENDOME.300M and 12,5m the ZENDOME.500M will amaze your customers. The inner shape of the dome speaks an elegant language, inspires an almost sacred world of emotion and will provide an unforgettable experience for your customers. 

In addition to the main load, more than 1,000 kilograms can be suspended from the framework of the ZENDOME.300M’s intricate, precisely calculated structural system. The integrated carrying capacity gives you abundant room for creativity, such as the suspension of high-wire circus acts, compact cars, or animal cages, allowing for a new world full of possibilities.

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