ZENDOME. home-edition

From now on ZENDOME is also available as the ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition for the exclusive Home & Garden area with multiple ways of possible use. Be it as a roof for the swimming pool, a temporary guest house, a garden house or simply a beautiful playhouse for the kids.

The frame system is constructed of powder coated galvanized steel with a strength of 2mm. 161 poles and junction discs are assembled following the easy to use colour coding of the Advanced Frame System (ADF-System). The membrane is made of all-weather welded Ferrari® material: Perfect for any given use.

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Diameters 5 m
Hight 3,1 m
Circular Entries 1
Windload 11 Beaufort (violent storm)
Weight 306 kg

Product contents
ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition
Advanced Frame System (AFS)
Steel structure poles / galvanized / powder coated / Stainless steel junction discs / powder coated, 1 circular door/ Stainless steel / powder coated

Welded, 1 opening for the circular door, 1 panoramic window welded, 4 Round-windows, Membrane-door with zipper (circular door is parted in the middle)
Accessories: lashing straps, product documentation
Static: No technical certificate / audit necessary because it is under 75 m² base size PVC coated Polyester material by Ferrari: welded. 100 % water tight, optically opaque, hard to set on fire – B1 (DIN 4102), M2

lashing straps, product documentation
No technical certificate/ audit necessary because it is under 75 m² base size
3 Professional corrugated solutions pallets for transport.
The anchoring of the ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition has to be guaranteed by ground pegs. Alternative additional weights have to follow DIN 4112 and the given static.

11 good reasons for ZENDOME – quality Made in Germany:


All information listed on left side are rounded approximations and may deviate due to varying materials or production processes!

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