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Mobile, safe and future oriented - that is fun event management: We are the only manufacturer of mobile event architecture to offer a planning tool in form of an IPhone / IPod application. 

This application lets you combine your  ZENDOME.30M, ZENDOME.75M, ZENDOME.150M and the ZENDOME.300M to any ZENDOME.domescape in order to plan your event in advance wherever and whenever you wish.

And this is really very easy:

Start screen: insert Plan Apple Application for ZENDOME or Learn Apple Application for ZENDOME

Should you be using this application for the first time, we recommend clicking  Learn Apple Application for ZENDOME in order to learn all the different functions and possibilities. 



 Send Planning - Apple Application for ZENDOME Send button: We have prepared a mail for you to request an offer which is quick and uncomplicated. You can also change the prepared mail and send your ZENDOME.domescape to colleagues, business partners or friends.
 Add geodesic dome - Apple Application for ZENDOME ZENDOME selection: Here you can choose between the different ZENDOME sizes (30M, 75M, 150M, 300M)
 Add-on - Apple Application for ZENDOME Add additional modules: panoramic windows and doors can be added.
 Delete - Apple Application for ZENDOME Delete ZENDOME: Deletes the last action until the button is pressed again.
 Information - Apple Application for ZENDOME Information: technical details for the different ZENDOME sizes as well as access to the learn screen.

Basic Functions:

Press your finger onto a ZENDOME = ZENDOME rotates

Put finger on ZENDOME and drag = ZENDOME will move

Finger on ZENDOME = ZENDOME is selected after a short while

Pull two fingers apart or together = Image is enlarged or reduced in size

PLAN - Step by step to your ZENDOME.domescape

Tip the symbol Add geodesic dome - Apple Application for ZENDOME on the lower left side. A menu will pop open for you to select the desired size (e.g. ZENDOME.300M ZENDOME.300M - Apple Application für ZENDOME) by tipping on it. If you wish to add another ZENDOME then repeat these steps until the required number appears on the screen. You can add or remove them at any time.

Now you can select a ZENDOME by putting your finger on the position and dragging it to the desired position. Move all ZENDOMEs to the correct position.


By tipping a ZENDOME lightly it will move clock wise so as to position and connect the ZENDOMEs along the blue dots - the aiding lines of the pentagons define the distance between the ZENDOMEs to each other.

Beware: those sides of the pentagons which serve as borders within the App have to be parallel in order to be able to connect the ZENDOMEs. Should you be planning panoramic windows please note that these will automatically be inserted at the single point of the ZENDOME which is located at the lower end of the Y-structure.


The ZENDOME can be connected at the blue points. Put your finger there and drag to the desired connection point until this turns red. This changing of colour signals the successful connection of the geodesic domes. Repeat these steps with all the other ZENDOME units.


Tip Add-on - Apple Application for ZENDOME and then the symbol Doors - Apple Application für ZENDOME for in order to add doors or Panoramic window - Apple Application for ZENDOME windows.

First select Doors - Apple Application für ZENDOME for the doors. The ZENDOME will be wobbling - now, by tipping, you can insert the doors at any chosen blue point. The changing of colour to green signals the successful integration of a door. Tip on Add-on - Apple Application for ZENDOME and the wobbling will stop.

Repeat these steps with for Panoramic window - Apple Application for ZENDOME the panoramic windows; here you need only tip into the middle of the ZENDOME as the panoramic window automatically will be inserted at he blue point at the lower end of the Y structure.

Note: Only one panoramic window can usually be inserted into any one ZENDOME.

You will find more information concerning ZENDOME.doors and ZENDOME.panoramic windows on our internet site under Add-on modules.


In order to remove a ZENDOME, a door or a panoramic window, select Add-on - Apple Application for ZENDOME. Now you can remove the desired object by tipping Doors - Apple Application für ZENDOME or Panoramic window - Apple Application for ZENDOME
Then tip on Add-on - Apple Application for ZENDOME again, in order to finish the action.


You will receive details such as cupola height, diameter or weight for any ZENDOME by tipping on Information - Apple Application for ZENDOME.

You will find information for using this App when tipping on the question mark. In order to return to the planning view, simply touch the screen tip on the GREY POINT with an X.

On the lower right side you can constantly see how many square meters base size or dome size (exhibition space) you are currently using.


As soon as your ZENDOME.domescape is done planning you can send it via email. Click the Send Planning - Apple Application for ZENDOME symbol in the upper left hand corner.

Include the name and email address of the recipient who shall receive the ZENDOME.domescape as a jpg-file attachment. Also we have prepared an email for you to quickly and uncomplicatedly receive an offer by us. 

We wish you joyous hours and much success and are also looking forward to your Feedback.

Attention: When you press the menu button you will return to the start screen containing your personal Apps and your entire planning will be deleted.

Download App - it's free for fans:
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ZENDOME.panoramic windows

ZENDOME 2009-2010

Torge Peters, Novamob

Dennis Blöte, Software-Entwickler