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ZENDOME. construction coaching

Maximise efficiency through team training – let your own employees construct the ZENDOME.

Alternatively to the ZENDOME.construction.team you can also use your own team for the construction of the ZENDOME. In this case we recommend you hire our professional coach. He is familiar with the entire ZENDOME.system due to years of experience and can complete the information contained in the construction manual through direct communication on location.

The coach supports the construction supervisor with his knowledge and experience, guides the team with advice and assistance concerning safety at the work place and can give valuable tips for optimising the work flow. He can help you use your resources effectively and introduce your team to a time saving construction of the ZENDOME.

“After a one time coaching the further constructions by our own team during our road show where very much faster and less complicated”, says Wolfgang Hutter, construction supervisor of the Thorn Lighting Roadshow, about his experience with the ZENDOME.construction.coaching. “Especially for the first construction it was very helpful to have the tricks and tips concerning the system explained directly on location. Handling of the material was explained and resulting questions could be answered immediately. 

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Application Fields:
Thorn Lighting (Zumtobel Group), Roadshow
Sovac – Audi Generalimporteur, Algeria 
Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Dresden
Coca Cola, Mil Vueltas Managed by own team – Spanien 
Lucky Strike Lounge, Roadshow  
L'Tur, Baden Baden
Magistrat Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt
Gmünder ErsatzKasse, Roadshow 
Obst und Friends GmbH, Münich