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  • Easy installation of circular windows
  • Transparent bulls eye inserted in the window opening
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ZENDOME.circular windows

We supply all ZENDOMEs of the M(odular) series with flexible glass fibre circular windows following the ZENDOME style.

They are part of the standard accessories and can be replaced with climate control applications. According to the design requirements of your corporate event, we will happily include more circular windows and special solutions is requested.

You have the choice between white and transparent windows and additionally we also offer all special colours included in the B1 product palette for the technical textiles – so you can realise the desired atmosphere and aesthetic for your event.

Attached pockets provide an easier, time saving and uncomplicated handling. Due to this easy handling the windows can also be removed for ventilation without complication. 

We provide all circular windows in PVC bags for a secure transportation. 

As an alternative to the circular windows for your 'Space for Ideas' we also offer pulled down bulls eyes made from high quality material – transparent, white or in a desired special colour. This extravagant look will give your event the certain aesthetic edge.

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